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By :Gibsons

Gibsons - Sweet Memories 1980s Tin 500pc Puzzle



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Gibsons 500pc Puzzle 1980s Sweet Memories in Tin

As the price of confectionery rose during the Eighties, the language for selling them moved up a gear. Packs offered 10% extra, at least 3p off, special price, new low price, new longer size, trial price, only 20p and one extra Rolo free. It was during this decade that barcodes appeared on every product, and the move to replace the use of silver foil paper, that had been so much part of chocolate bar wrappers for generations. New Brands included Terry's Bitz and Pyramint, Rowntree's Black Magic bar, Cadbury's Wispa and the novelty interlocking plastic container of ipso sweets to be found in Woolworths stores. On the way out were familiar friends like Fry's Five Centre, Waifa Bar Six and the boxed assortment Weekend.

Finished Size: 49 x 34 cm