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By :Thinkfun

Thinkfun - Escape The Room The Cursed Dollhouse


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The Cursed Dollhouse

You are lost in the woods and caught in a thunderstorm, desperate for shelter, when you stumble upon an old abandoned house. Once inside, you discover a creepy dollhouse emanating an eerie glow. It calls to you, and against your better instincts, you move toward it. Suddenly, you're trapped inside with no idea how to escape!

Prepare yourself for the most immersive Escape Room experience ever, right in your very own home!  In The Cursed Dollhouse, players will explore a mysterious three-dimensional Doll House, solving puzzles in search of a way to escape.  Five rooms, each containing objects to investigate and multiple puzzles to solve, will keep players engaged through two hours of play.  Escape the Room – The Cursed Dollhouse takes the in-home room escape to the next level with more challenging puzzles to solve, a longer playtime, and a unique three-dimensional experience that will satisfy even the most skilled Escape Room fans.

  • Includes
  •  - Full-sized 3D Dollhouse with over four rooms to explore
  •  - 5 pieces of 3D furniture, including tables and beds
  •  - Over 20 puzzle pieces, clues, and doll house components
  •  - 5 Doll character puzzles
  •  - Story and Instruction booklet
  •  - Solution Wheel
  •  - Reset instructions (including on-line hint system)
  •  - Ages 13+